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TOP TEN – Packing ideas and storage tips

1 Use the right box and don’t overload

Don’t overload. Use the smaller boxes for heavy items such as books and dishes etc and the larger boxes for lighter items like bedding, blankets and linens.

2. Don’t overload

Don’t try to pack  too much into the boxes as they can start to bulge and this makes them unstable when you are stacking.

3. Labelling means organized

Use a marker to label the contents of every box. This will save you a lot of time and when looking for a specific item and means you won’t need to open up all the boxes.

4. Bubble wrap it

If it doesn’t fit in a box and needs protecting, use bubble wrap, paper blankets or even ‘Furniguard’ these are all good at doing the job of protecting your precious items.

5 Get it taped.

Use a good quality tape for your boxes, you won’t regret it.

6. Bin bags – are not ideal.

You can’t see what’s inside, the items can get squashed or damaged and do not provide adequate ventilation for items like clothes. Why not use hanging wardrobe boxes for your clothes.

7. Do an inventory

Simple. Make a list of the items in your storage unit and where to find them and stick a copy inside your unit. You will save yourself a lot of time.

8. Make Way! Make Way!

If you are going to access your unit on a regular basis, why not create a path down the centre, in case you need to get something at the back and why not put up free standing shelving inside the unit so that you can easily access your items.

9. Stack it

Make the best use of your space by stacking to the ceiling. The best way to do this is to place the heavy items at the bottom, this will provide a stable base and then put the lighter items on top.

10. Mattresses and Cushions

Use our professional products such heavy duty mattress covers or large clear cushion bags to protect these larger items and ensure they stay in perfect condition.

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